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Because inequity leaves its imprint

Intelligence and Advisory that Matter

"Systematic inaction as pursuit of equity in infrastructure can no longer be a leadership option passively deliberated by the unprepared and morally ill-equipped. True equity must be a sincere indicator of leadership worthy of political and economic advancement."


- L. Charlie Oliver

The Equitable Infrastructure Group (EIG) is a private entity formed for the public good. Our mission is to identify and counteract both the human and systemic depravities leading to inequitable delivery including the actors. 

Established in 2017, EIG deploys over a decade of propriety research. Our stakeholder research tracks inequity in infrastructure corridors and remains a cornerstone of our research, partner outreach, consulting solutions, and the empowerment of our membership and stakeholders.  The Equitable Infrastructure Group has traversed over $300 billion in infrastructure and development in 2021, $790 billion in 2022.

Proprietary Research:  Information that Matters 

The Equitable Infrastructure Group’s (EIG’s) experienced team identifies and delivers innovative solutions. Our diverse team leverages a global background that supports each engagement.


EIG is committed to three principles:

  • Conduct and leverage our proprietary stakeholder research

  • Move on actionable opportunities and solutions 

  • Provide forward-thinking mediums for stakeholders to engage

Consultancy: Impact

The Equitable Infrastructure Group’s (EIG’s)  consulting leverages our proprietary research and market knowledge directly impacting the critical decisions and opportunities with present day realities. Clients are empowered by the ability to identify and address opportunities and weaknesses and meet them with proven solutions.


Consultancy Areas:

  • Proprietary and Custom Analytics

  • Delivery Chain Opportunity Assessment

  • Partnership and Market Expansion Strategy

  • Delivery Chain Partner Selection and Due Diligence

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