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The Equitable Infrastructure Group

 Equity is neither a system nor a process, but is a method of adjusting conflicting interests in accordance with the ideals of decent and honorable conduct in an

ethically maturing society.

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Insight and Collaborative

Participate, Lead Change, Add Value

A cornerstone of our engagement is collaboration with the strategic sectors highlighted in the Equity Forum, the voice for economic and political clarity. The Equitable Infrastructure Group's  (EIG's) experienced analysts identify innovative solutions to environmental, social and governmental challenges. 

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Equity Evolved
Equitable Infrastructure

New York City . Washington, D.C.

Worcester,  MA  .  Baltimore, MD

Birmingham, AL . Atlanta, GA

Email: info@equitableinfrastructuregroup.com

Phone: 212.381.1960

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Legislative & Public Affairs

We monitor and advise on legislative policy and movement related to our core mission as well as the resulting focus areas. Legislative is communicated through our forums and published case studies.