Aerial View of a Barren Land

The Equitable Infrastructure Group

The Equitable Infrastructure Group is deemed the number one source advancing equity in infrastructure nationally and an indispensable depository of information.

Established in 2017, the Equitable Infrastructure Group (EIG) delivers early access to market knowledge and opportunities in both the built and public realms. Our focus on inequity in vital corridors is the cornerstone of our mission. Our movement has led to the development of national strategies while traversing over $90 billion in infrastructure in 2020 alone.  

Our Mission

The Equitable Infrastructure Group (EIG) is a private entity formed for the public good.  Our mission is to serve as advocate for and curator of global economic, development, resilience and ensure equitable delivery. 


Our vision is to increase our partners understanding and participation in diverse markets and sectors where all stakeholders goals are respected and met.  

Aerial View of a Barren Land
Aerial View of a Barren Land

What We Engage

  • Increased need for Affordable Housing

  • Wealth and Security Disparities

  • The Climate Emergency

  • Failing Infrastructure and Shifting Needs

  • Inequitable Zoning Practices

We welcome your questions and engagement.

Equitable Infrastructure

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