About the Equitable Infrastructure Group

The Equitable Infrastructure Group (EIG), driven and committed to advancing clear social and economic opportunities, is positioned in key markets to render the experience required to build equitable and cohesive alliances.  The strongest cross-sector partnerships flourish when we engage in constructive dialogue and deliverable solutions.  Collaborative solutions, in which we all play our role, hold the key to meaningful and lasting progress.


EIG was established in 2017 to provide strategic consulting, market development, analysis, and project management for infrastructure projects across several verticals, including development/land use, renewable energy, sustainability, transportation and airports, affordable housing, zoning and economic development. We also monitor policy|legislation, market movement and projects in order to elevate and further our mission regionally, nationally and globally.


EIG is one of the few minority and women owned business enterprises in the global infrastructure advisory market. Our founder has an unparalleled background and global network. 

EIG is focused on counteracting disparities and inefficiencies caused by the lack of information, access and opportunity. Our passionate staff and commitment to the sectors we serve drive us to innovate, educate, and create  positive change.  Our policy and  market intelligence identifies the most relevant issues, and opportunities arising from them.  Key is our work to alleviate the closed door climate that remain in vital corridors throughout the nation by developing strategies which empower all stakeholder to make change.

"Have a vision. Be demanding." - Colin Powell

Our Mission

The Equitable Infrastructure Group (EIG) is a private entity formed for the public good.  Our mission is to serve as advocate for and curator of global economic, development, resilience and ensure equitable delivery. 


Our vision is to increase our partners understanding and participation in diverse markets and sectors where all stakeholders goals are respected and met.  

What We Tackle

  • Increased need for Affordable Housing

  • Wealth and Security Disparities

  • The Climate Emergency

  • Failing Infrastructure and Shifting Needs

  • Thoughtless Zoning Practices

We welcome your questions and engagement.

Equitable Infrastructure

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