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Because inequity leaves its imprint


connecting policies, players and projects


The Equitable Infrastructure Group|Partners (EIG|P) looked across the sustainable building and resilient infrastructure landscape and charted a decided course. We recognize these simple truths: an equal playing field cannot be treated as a certainty, and there is profit in purpose. 

EIG and its Partners Support the development and furtherance of:

  • Inclusionary practices provide opportunities and resources, including capacity building, project participation, and funding for those who would benefit from increased participation.

  • Advanced communication strategies and market collaboration

  • Direct engagement and delivery of sustainable and resilient infrastructure within underserved communities

Our focus areas:

Equitable Transportation

There are a multitude of problems concerning the United State's transportation infrastructure. For example, according to the latest White House Report examining the economic effects of transportation, 45% of Americans do not have access to transit.  

Infrastructure and Large Scale Development

Large-scale development, a process to rapidly transform the urban built environment since industrial modernism, has often created fragmented environments that impair urban vitality and foster destructive impacts upon those most underserved communities. 


Municipalities call for, enact, and monitor legislation that mandates diversity, equity, and inclusion for those seeking municipal economic opportunities. This momentum is familiar. However, we increasingly see the call from all levels, full reporting on the outcome of each project. "We tried but couldn't find MWBEs" will no longer be acceptable.

Policy Development and Implementation 

Equity in access to public works and economic opportunity is a moral imperative.

Today, EIG|P is deemed the number one source advancing equity in infrastructure and an indispensable depository of information.

EIG is committed to Three Research Principles:

  • Conduct and leverage our proprietary research

  • Move on actionable opportunities and solutions 

  • Provide forward-thinking mediums for stakeholders to engage

Our Mission

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