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connecting policies, players and projects


Proprietary Research Metrics that Matter 

The Equitable Infrastructure Group’s (EIG’s) experienced team identifies and delivers innovative solutions to today's environmental, social and governmental challenges. Our diverse team leverages a global background that supports each engagement.


EIG is committed to three principles:

  • Conduct and leverage our proprietary research

  • Move on actionable opportunities and solutions 

  • Provide mediums for all stakeholders to engage


Why We Focus on Affordable Housing:

Advocacy for affordable housing, efficient management of housing and innovative housing projects are key to creating an equitable housing market in the future. Multiple policies are seeking to address the affordable housing shortage and equity issue. These policies include incentives for developers and general contractors to produce more affordable housing, and programs designed to establish unique, compact housing. 

The housing crisis is not an independent problem, but rather a symptom of the culmination of income inequality, discriminatory housing policies, rising housing costs, prejudicial policy, and population growth.

About EIG

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