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The Impact & Trajectory Of Community Benefit Agreements, JFK Intl. Airport CBA


$59 - $109


75 Minutes

About the Course

Governments regulate land use. History has shown that the impact of development and zoning can be uneven, often disproportionately affecting marginalized communities.


John F. Kennedy International Airport Redevelopment, Legacy of Transportation Players, and the Transportation-Related Infrastructure Procurement and Investment Discussion

Join the Equitable Infrastructure Live to discuss the John F. Kennedy International Airport Redevelopment Community Benefit Agreements, Impact and Provisions, and the long-awaited kick-off series Equity and the Legacy of Infrastructure Players.  Early registration is ending soon.  See the Agenda below.

Special Presentation: Equitable Legacy of Transportation Players. John F. Kennedy International Airport Redevelopment Community Benefit Agreement. During this webinar, we will also highlight critical developments, milestones, procurement, and the impact. EIG will use its proprietary metrics.

The Discussion: Agenda

  • Case Study on Community Benefit Agreements Highlighting the Kennedy International Airport Redevelopment

  • New Tracking - transparent monitoring and reporting techniques to track the progress and implementation of the agreed-upon benefits, ensuring accountability and history of compliance

  • Evolving legal rigor to maximize CBA effectiveness and equity 

Webinar Details:

  • Date:         Wednesday, November 15, 2023

  • Time:         2:30 - 3:45 pm EST

  • Duration:   75 Minutes

  • Platform:   Zoom

Who Should Attend: This webinar is ideal for developers, financiers, real estate-related professionals, business leaders, community engagement professionals, and anyone interested in building meaningful relationships with the communities they operate in.

Why Attend?

Community Benefits Agreements (CBAs) advocate for equitable development by outlining the benefits in exchange for supporting a development project or rezoning but are highly criticized for several weaknesses:

  • Developers and stakeholders need more enforceability and accountability mechanisms.  

  • The potential for power imbalances in negotiations can skew benefits towards more powerful stakeholders, leaving smaller or less organized groups disadvantaged.  

  • CBAs commonly focus on short-term gains, neglecting long-term impacts and sustainability. 

Therefore, while CBAs have the potential to be a valuable tool, their weaknesses are being carefully examined and mitigated to ensure that they truly serve the best interests of all stakeholders.

Your Instructor



L. Charlie Oliver, Chair of the Equitable Infrastructure Group and Green Building Worldwide is a change agent with a career defined by a series of firsts. Today, her impact is recognized nationally, traversing over $870 billion in developments and infrastructure projects and leading the global team. Charlie is a recurring speaker before the World Economic Forum, the Global Power and Energy BlockChain Conference, and the Equity Forum.

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