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Equitable Infrastructure LIVE


Infrastructure Live by the Equitable Infrastructure Group, the No. 1 source researching economic equity. EIG delivers expertly curated and transparent discussions on national mega-development, capital projects, and municipal policies. 


Infrastructure Live is the source of comprehensive information on projects impacting strategic corridors. 


Our audience is desirous of up-to-date intelligence beyond procurement opportunities. Infrastructure Live ipeaks to hose seeking to understand the impact of the projects and empowered growth.​

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L. Charlie Oliver is Chair of the Equitable Infrastructure Group and Green Building Worldwide. The Infrastructure Live segments highlight the players, projects, and policies.

Who is benefitting? How are the Acts evaluated and delivered? Why are millions of firms on the brink of missing the opportunity inherent in today's vehicles for economic equity?


Charlie speaks before the energy, economic development, and technological sectors and rendering testimony before national municipalities. She is a recurring/invited speaker before the World Economic Forum, the Global Power and Energy BlockChain Conference, and the Equity Forum. Charlie has held executive positions with American Express, Ogilvy, ABC and served as a legislative consultant to private development firms and national Chambers of Commerce.

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