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connecting policies, players and projects

Intelligence and Advisory that Matter

'Systemic inaction in place of pursuing equity in infrastructure can no longer be a leadership option passively deliberated by the uninterested or unprepared. Pointedly, sustainable equity must be the only indicator of leadership worthy of political and economic advancement.'

- L. Charlie Oliver, Founder, EIG

The Equitable Infrastructure Group (EIG) is a private entity formed for the public good. Our mission is to identify and counteract systemic inequity in infrastructure planning and delivery.

Established in 2017, EIG is the top entity curating authentic equity in infrastructure, deploying over a decade of propriety research. Our stakeholder research tracks inequity in infrastructure corridors and remains a cornerstone of our movement.

The Equitable Infrastructure Group has traversed over $790 billion in infrastructure and development in 2022, with $870 billion on target for 2023.

EIG| P's mission is to analyze, engage, and advise sector stakeholders critical to the planning and delivering equitable and resilient infrastructure.
Our strategies and platforms solve inherent challenges to delivering equitable and resilient infrastructure. 
The Equitable Infrastructure Group| Partner's (EIG| P's) work examines - Who impacts policy? Who sets policy? Who is affected by policy? Are those impacted aware of what is at stake? How do we ensure equitable planning and allocation?

EIG|P monitors policy/legislation, movement, and key stakeholders to share our findings. As a result, EIG|P continually elevates and advances strategic platforms regionally, nationally, and globally.

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Image by Luis Salazar
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