Part One: National Growth and Demand for Energy Infrastructure Forum

Thursday, April 29, 2:00 - 3:15pm EST


Join the Equitable Infrastructure Group, fellows and national infrastructure experts during four unique and dynamic national Equitable Infrastructure Live Forums.  EIG forums discuss affordable housing, infrastructural repairs, development and the expansion of renewable energy within the United States.  Each designed to link the deluge of information to a clear pathway to participation and equity.

Why we focus on Energy and Infrastructure:

The multi-trillion dollar infrastructure plan to be deployed by the Biden Harris administration will boost the economy and provide the long awaited incentives  required to leverage and aid in the trajectory toward cleaner energy. In order to provide economic competitiveness, environmental equity and energy security we must  replace, modernize and expand.

Our Unique Talking Points

  • Correlation between the push for clean energy and the Biden Harris administration’s overall infrastructure plan

  • The energy and infrastructure industries impact on post pandemic need for economic resurgence

  • High growth energy initiatives, the challenges and priorities

  • New pathways for small businesses and minority, women and disadvantaged firms

L. Charlie Oliver, Host

This National Demand and Growth of  Energy Infrastructure Forum called upon:


Edison International:  Edison International is an electric power producer and distributor. Tracing its origins to 1886, it now primarily operates through two subsidiaries: Southern California Edison which produces energy, including renewable energy, and distributes it to about 15 million in Southern California, and Edison Energy which provides energy advisory and services to large energy users.


Exelon:  Exelon Corporation is an electric utility company, engaged in the production and distribution of electricity. The largest operator of nuclear power plants in the U.S., Exelon also generates electric power through fossil fuel plants, hydroelectric, solar plants, and wind turbines. It delivers electricity to more than 10 million customers in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and Washington, DC through local subsidiaries.


Duke Energy:  Duke Energy Corporation is an electric and natural gas utility company. Tracing its origins to 1900, Duke Energy now manages a number of nuclear, coal-fired, hydroelectric, oil and gas-fired plants, solar and wind farms, with more than 51,000 megawatts of capacity, and distributes electricity to 7.7 million customers in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, North and South Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, and Puerto Rico. It also serves more than 1.6 million natural gas customers in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and the Carolinas.


Siemens: Siemens is a global powerhouse positioned along the electrification value chain from power generation, transmission and distribution to smart grid solutions and the efficient application of electrical energy as well as in the areas of medical imaging and laboratory diagnostics. Today, Siemens has approximately 385,000 employees in more than 200 countries/regions.


The Equitable Infrastructure Live was created by the #1 source in equity infrastructure, the Equitable Infrastructure Group.  Through this live format EIG shares components of its research with small businesses and minority owned firms. The curated and clear discussion covers national mega development, capital projects and municipal policies.  Equitable Infrastructure Live is designed for companies seeking to understand the impact of the projects and empowered growth.


L. Charlie Oliver, Chair of the Equitable Infrastructure Group and a recurring speaker before the World Economic Forum, the Global Power and Energy BlockChain Conference, and the Equity Forum. Charlie has held executive positions with American Express, Ogilvy, ABC, and served as legislative consultant to private development firms and national Chambers of Commerce.


Established in 2017, the Equitable Infrastructure Group (EIG) is the number one source for infrastructure and equity.  EIG delivers stakeholders and clients early entry into markets and  opportunities in both the private and public realms. EIG traversed over $90 billion in projects nationally in 2020 alone. Our focus on infrastructure and inequity in vital corridors is the cornerstone of our ESG mission.

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