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Because inequity leaves its imprint


The Live Forum:  Equitable Transportation Infrastructure, Funding and Key Priorities, Tuesday, June 29, 2:00 - 3:15pm EST

Join the Equitable Infrastructure Group and industry infrastructure experts during this unique and dynamic Live Forum. Transportation equity seeks to eliminate the barriers, we will discuss strategies which provide for more equitable transit networks;


This Forum Called Upon Insight from:   Jacobs, Kiewit, Turner

Why we focus on National Equitable Transportation Infrastructure 
Transportation infrastructure is the backbone of a modern, competitive and productive economy. Interrelated and mutually reinforcing transportation infrastructure systems facilitate the efficient movement of goods and services, promote trade and commerce, connect supply chains, and reduce operating costs across a diverse set of industries.America is determined to become a transportation leader. The Biden Harris administration'splan will strategically pave the way by funding and incentivizing public transit, upgrading our nation’s infrastructure, and driving technological innovation.

The Discussion:  Focus, Funding, Player Imprint

  • National Transportation Funding and Key Priorities

  • National Transportation Projects

  • Case Study on the Transportation Delivery Chain

  • What enterprises inclusive of disadvantaged firms must do to stay abreast of updates and increase participation


Equitable Infrastructure Live was created by, EIG, the #1 source infrastructure. equity in infrastructure. Through this live format, EIG shares critical components of its research. The curated and clear discussion covers affordable housing, infrastructural upgrades, capital and development projects, transportation, and the expansion of Smart City and municipal policies. Equitable Infrastructure Live is designed for companies seeking the impact required for empowered expansion.



L. Charlie Oliver, Chair of the Equitable Infrastructure Group and CEO of Green Building Worldwide will lead EIG's charge to traverse over $300 billion in infrastructure in 2021.  Charlie has held executive positions with American Express, Ogilvy, and ABC. She has also chaired the Economic Development Committee of the NYC Empowerment Zone and served as legislative consultant to private development firms and national Chambers of Commerce. Charlie was mentored by the UJA-Federation of New York early in her career.  She is a recurring speaker before the World Economic Forum, the Global Power and Energy BlockChain Conference, and the Equity Forum. 

Past infrastructure insight contributors:
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