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EIG Partner Connect
Its all about access.

Fueled by our in-depth proprietary research and predictive approach, EIG|P is the first to report on the new movement in strategic sectors and markets globally. 

Why the Equitable Infrastructure Group|Partners:

  • EIG|P has traversed over $870 billion in infrastructure and development projects in 2023 alone,

  • Historically, consulting firms have come to us to learn about the infrastructure plan and how to advance in markets and industries,

  • Our strategic connections benefit from research and targeted opportunities,

  • EIG|P has three (3) distinct tiers

The Benefits of three (3) distinct tiers: 

  • Stay informed of what impacts you and your industry

  • Evaluate metrics based on our proprietary primary and secondary research needs

  • Receive updates on policy and legislative initiatives affecting you

  • Critical communication through timely alerts based on your needs

Still have questions,  email us at

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2023-2024 Standard Access | $1,999

  • Notice of select invitation-only events and strategic initiatives

  • One complimentary webinar and 25 percent discount on Infrastructure Live webinars

  • Quarterly Opportunity Briefing (One State) 

  • 15 Minute One on One 

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2023-2024 Expansion Access | $3,999

Receive Standard Access benefits plus:

  • Attendance during Annual Collaborators Meeting

  • Access to Sector-related research reports (2 sectors)

  • Access to Leadership Development Portal

  • Two Customized Half Hour Opportunity "Check-Ins" per year 

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2023-2024 Partner Access | $5,999

Receive Expansion Access benefits plus:

  • Targeted Project & Equity Alerts (National)

  • Attendance during Annual Partners Meeting

  • Access to Sector-related research reports (4 sectors)

  • Access to Connect Portal

  • One Hour Opportunity Consultation 

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